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Why Hard Career Paths Will Lead You To A Job You Have Always Dreamt Of

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Dear Millennial Dreamer,

Wherever you are right now I want you to take time to pause and read my letter. I know what you feel when you step out from that office feeling defeated, unsatisfied and, unvalued. I have been there; I know the feeling of chasing that dream career, the anticipation of being successful in the field that you have chosen. I know that's all you want to do right now, to get right to were you think you belong, and that's okay.

First ever business trip in Singapore. Attending CommunicAsia Conference at Marina Bay Sands. This is was one of the most memorable moments of my career.

You are now in a road travelled by many. Though your journey may be young, but you are experiencing storms that you have never encountered before. You may hate a lot of your colleagues right now, loathe your boss who makes you work till 10:00 PM without any extra pay; but you just tell yourself it's okay, I can do this.

I was in the same place with you, years ago. Many times in my journey towards chasing the dream career I have sacrificed sleep, meals, time off, and more to prove that I can rise above the challenges that my dream work demands.

I too have started to feel the exhaustion that you feel now, the feeling that you might be going in circles, jumping from one job to the other trying to fill that void. I know you have asked yourself many times "what do I really want?" "what will make me happy?".

The truth is, you may not have an answer for those questions right now. You might need more time and a change of perspective to magnify what genuinely makes you happy and what do you really want after you have achieved your dream career.

But know this; you are exactly where you need to be. We all learn the hard way, and experience will be your best teacher. And do welcome mistakes, do not be to hard on yourself if you missed one project, if you are late for 5 minutes, if you deleted that PDF file, or forgot to attend the meeting.

This photo was taken when I worked with a new company. It was my first day and I already had tons of things to do. I remember working from Monday to Sunday that week. It was a humbling experienced, I have learned a lot in this career as a corporate communications staff.

You will learn to be hard working, not perfect. You will learn the art discipline when you are unmotivated. You will learn to appreciate the value of work and the people you will meet will give you life lessons that will mold you into the best version of yourself.

I know that chasing that dream career means the whole world to you, but please do not lose yourself in the process. You may not see it now but you are destined to be greater than what you have dreamed for yourself. You deserve to be valued, not just a number, not just a person who does the excel sheet or run the coffee.

Never stop searching for opportunities that will value not just your talent but your personality. In this world of career obsessed generation, take the road less travelled. Do not be conscious to start again, do not be afraid to take the leap as this may take you to better roads ahead.

In this journey, you have to look both ways; turn every obstacle into opportunities. Know that there are no wrong paths in life. No matter what road, detour, stops, and pauses you encounter it will always lead you to were you want to be.

To all millennial dreamers like us, I want you to enjoy this journey. You may shed a tear or two but you deserve to enjoy the good that comes in this journey. Every bad experience will pass, and remember that it's only temporary, things will get better soon.

Wishing you love and light,

Ariane N.

Executive Assistant to the CEO


Thank you for reading!

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