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Script Writing Workshop


Storytelling Workshop

Our mission in this workshop is to spread the culture of storytelling from its inception until now by dividing the seasons of the year into six seasons,  from the beginning of storytelling to professional writing, as the world witnessed wonderful, sensational stories written by those who left us their tools.

The structure's design has not changed since 400 BC. Instead, it evolved to make these elites proud of us and to write together a journey that began with this workshop.

About the Author

Script Writing

​Cinemagic started writing short stories and scripts out of pure love for writing.

We gradually started becoming more and more involved in screenwriting and quickly fell in love with the industry, dedicating our time to coming up with creative ideas and working hard to develop our storytelling skills.


Contact us to find out more information or if you’re interested in collaborating on a project.

Portrait of Mohamed Al.Mayyhi, Accomplished Screenwriter and Production Expert

Mohamed Al.Mayyhi

He holds a bachelor’s degree in dramatic art, nine years of experience creating fictional content, and is a writer and author of films and books.

He worked as a writer in documentaries, short films, programs, and series.

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