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Typing with Prosthetic Hand

Art & Artificial Workshop


Art & Artificial Workshop

Writing with Prosthetic Hand

In this five-day workshop, participants will immerse themselves in the captivating realm of media and movie creation using AI.


Through a series of engaging sessions, you'll explore the intersection of AI technology and creativity, discovering how AI can revolutionize the filmmaking process.


From utilizing AI for script writing, Image Generation, Video Generation and Music & Realistic Voice Over Generation.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to harness the power of AI in crafting compelling cinematic experiences.


Join us and unleash your creativity in the digital age of filmmaking!

This workshop welcomes Artists from all fields, filmmakers, Art directors, musicians and voice over artists, anyone passionate artist about delving into the fusion of ART and ARTificial Intelligence.


No prior experience with AI or programming is necessary—just bring your enthusiasm and eagerness to explore the cutting edge of AI and movie creation!

Our Workshop

  • March 3rd - March 7th

  • (5 Days)

About the Author

Amjad Shashai

An innovative filmmaker and tech-savvy creative director, with a passion for integrating Al technologies in filmmaking to create transformative, boundary-pushing work. 

His 15-year journey in the creative field has been marked by continuous evolution and innovation. What sparked his interest in Al was the potential it had to revolutionize the way we work, clearing the clutter of repetitive tasks and allowing us to focus on genuine creative concepts and ideas. 

Amjad's journey into AI was not just timely but visionary, positioning him at the forefront of this technological wave long before it became mainstream in the creative industries. His advocacy for AI isn't just about leveraging its capabilities for efficiency but is rooted in a deep belief in its transformative power to enrich the creative process. Over the past few years, Amjad has not only incorporated AI into his own work but has also become a leading voice in its promotion, demystifying its complexities and showcasing its potential through public speaking engagements, workshops, and digital content. His insights have inspired a wide audience, from industry professionals to enthusiasts, across major cultural hubs like Kuwait, Cairo, Riyadh, and Dubai, fostering a community that's eager to explore the intersection of art and artificial intelligence.

Amjad Shashai

Amjad Shashai

Amjad Shashai is an innovative filmmaker and tech-savvy creative director, driven by a fervent desire to integrate AI technologies into filmmaking for groundbreaking results. With over 15 years of experience in the creative realm, his journey has been characterized by constant evolution and pioneering endeavors.

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