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Cinemagic as an innovative media powerhouse aims to lead in supporting sustainable practices to take care of our environment and lessen our carbon footprint by adopting environment-friendly practices and has a huge social responsibility to our planet and carbon footprint. It is our mission to deliver innovative production to our valued clients and by participating in sustainability initiatives we ensure that the generations to come may witness a green Earth and tell a better story.


Plastic Bottles


Plastic Bottles


We dedicated 1% of our revenue to investing in renewable energy. We use Solar Energy to reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy and have saved 90% of electricity consumption in the past year. We harvested more than 56 Gigawatts of solar energy per year from our solar panels allowing us to use solar energy to power our headquarters and our mobile production unit.


We have replaced traditional thermostats with SMART power-saving Thermostats office-wide. We aim for an energy-efficient working environment, hence smart thermostats help us reduce energy consumption by 63%. Smart Thermostats technology has enabled us to participate in power-saving measures to protect non-renewable energy resources.


We have saved more than 10,000 plastic bottles by installing high-grade water filters for our water supply to significantly reduce the carbon footprint within our organization; with this initiative we save scarce natural resources and reduce plastic waste. We promote using reusable water bottle containers to inspire our community to envision a greener planet.


We send our plastic waste to specific recycling facilities and have implemented a mandate within our organization for all employees to dispose of all unused electrical devices, computers, mobile phones, laptops, etc., at a specialized recycling facility. We collect 100 kilograms of plastic waste and 70 kilograms of electrical waste every month and coordinate with our chosen recycling facility to ensure proper disposal. We encourage our employees to throw electrical and plastic waste responsibly in our office and at home.


Our organization maximizes digital communication minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. We use digital platforms to lessen our usage of paper. Going paperless or digital lessens physical delivery, saving office space, and less usage of ink printers and paper forms, therefore, reducing carbon footprint. We have achieved 70% paper transactions, saved 65% on spending on paper forms, and significantly reduce our office paper waste by 75%.


Our Hybrid work setup allows our employees to work in the comfort of their home and minimize unnecessary travel from their home to the office; reducing carbon monoxide emissions due to frequent commutes to the office. We aim to provide sustainable work set up and make a positive impact on our environment. 50% of our employees work remotely and onsite employees can apply for a hybrid work set up allowing them to spend 20 hours onsite and 20 hours working at home.

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