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5 Tips for Fresh Graduates to find their dream Jobs in Media Production

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Are you a fresh graduate and wondering from where to begin your career and how to find your dream job in media production? In this article you will find the guidance you need to start a promising career in this domain.

1. Know who you are

Before you start searching for the right job, you need to know who you are, what interests you the most, what would you love telling about yourself after five or ten years without regression or at least would love to try for once in your life, what would you love to see yourself doing every day without the fear of wasting your time.

Do you see yourself holding a camera and capturing scenes, or you see yourself spending hours in writing and not feeling any tired, or you are passionate about sound technologies and enjoy mixing music ?

Though interests might be very known and obvious for some people, but others don’t really have a clue about their desired job role even after graduation, even when they are very certain about their fields of study.

Media production graduates have a variety of options; skills you need to succeed as a content writer differ from the ones you need to as a director or a motion graphic designer.

You need to know what you are passionate about the most, and in many cases your field of study could guide you to the jobs that might interest you. For example: a journalism graduate is more likely to become a content creator than a Business school graduate.

Media production depends mainly on team work spirit as most of the work related tasks need more than one talent. Someone comes up with creative ideas, another one transforms these ideas into scenes that successfully reach the audience, and another one is capable of measuring the success and presence of the company in the market; They all work together to reach their company’s goal and that's why you need to train yourself to accept working in a team and be ready to discuss and change your directions whenever required.

2. Do your research

Investing some time in research before starting your career can be really useful as reading Job descriptions, tasks and responsibilities of relevant jobs will guide you to know what you can and can’t do, what fits and what doesn't fit your abilities.

You can also watch videos, read expert articles on the topics relevant to your dream jobs, Preparing a list of the companies that might have suitable opportunities for you, in addition to the list of Jobs that you are more likely to accept will help you minimize the number of rejections you might get and save time.

Targeting the right companies and career websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and others will make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

3. Start knocking on all doors

You also need to start early as finding the perfect job won’t be that easy. Small countable steps are always better than an imaginary wide jump that might never come! An unpaid job opportunity or a far from home work location aren’t the worst choices, on the contrary they can push you many steps closer to your goal.

You need to knock on as many doors as you can until the first one opens, apply in many companies, send them impressing covering letters which assure your openness to learning, working and gaining experience.

4. Be Flexible

When you start your work life, you will discover more about yourself and your expectations in your career, So moving around different sections/ departments in your office or adding more tasks to your daily list will always be a plus, as this will expose you to more experiences, which will eventually make it easier for you to decide on which road to take for your future.

Changing your job after some time will also be a good and countable step, especially after you have spent some time in doing and learning what you need.

As Media Production jobs are connected, you might find yourself attracted to a different area than yours, all you need is to start trying in order to decide which is the right job for you.

5. Stay connected

Connecting to colleagues in your company and others who work in the same field, in addition to known names and experts in the field will always keep you updated in your work domain and can also help you find better opportunities.

Another way to keep yourself updated is attending Job fairs even if you’re not intending to apply for a Job, It will allow you to have a closer look into your domain and learn about the qualifications needed for different Jobs and inform you about potential opportunities with the companies participating in these fairs.

Why start your career with Cinemagic?

At Cinemagic, we provide a variety of wonderful opportunities to fresh graduates, who have an can benefit from a tailor-made internship program for 3 months “As per Kuwait Labor Laws”, in which they get basic salary, besides extra salary from the "Ministry of Manpower" and Pension contributions.

Our internship program also includes mentorship with one of our senior team members and a monthly one-on-one meeting with the CEO.

You will be entitled to daily responsibilities relevant to your job, in addition to a final project. We believe in our people, and that's why whoever proves their potential, we offer them a full-time job opportunity with us.

If you have studied Media, Marketing, Technology or any relevant field of study, you’re welcomed to join us.

Send your job applications through the following link: Cinemagic Careers


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