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An Innovative Media Powerhouse

About us

We are leaders in visualizing ideas into motion pictures through cutting-edge technology & innovation.

We stand strong for our values and the creative brains of our people to empower organizations globally to tell a better story.

Here at Cinemagic, we continuously improve and optimize the work environment to adapt to industrial changes.

Cinemagic: A leading marketing video production company in Kuwait. We specialize in creating captivating media content for businesses, advertising agencies, and the growing co-working space industry. Discover the power of visual storytelling with Cinemagic today!

What We Do

We provide innovative subscription-based production services for governments & businesses​
We create & distribute content through our partners and platforms​
We offer innovative digital solutions that span from the use of artificial intelligence to interactive virtual reality experiences.

Clients & Partners


Rodney Charters testimonial on Cinemagic

“Cinematography is not an individual activity, it’s always a team effort, and I am only as good as the people that I hire and work with me. Cinemagic is the future.”

Brian Rogers

“To be successful in the motion picture industry you need to have a combination of luck, timing or perseverance and you just have to work hard and dedicate yourself to the craft.”

Neal Allen testimonial on Cinemagic

“My first reaction is that the people are amazing, just really wonderful. It has been a great experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the production manager and the rest of the Cinemagic team.”

Rodney Charters, ASC
24, Going In Style, Roswell, Pretender

Brian Rogers, Producer
Godzilla, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows, Green Lantern

Beyond The Search,  Peacemaker, Mojave Moon

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