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What Business owners need to know about “Brand Awareness” Campaigns?

Updated: May 9

You own a company or business and wonder how to convince customers to choose your brand blindly? Finding it hard to gain their trust even though you offer good quality?

In this article you will know how a well-planned “Brand Awareness” campaign can change your business to win your customers’ loyalty.

One simple definition of brand awareness is the process through which familiarity and trust is built between the brand (or products and services) and the customers, to get your brand well known and recognized in the market.

You know your brand awareness campaign has done its job when your brand name jumps in your customers’ minds as the first option or at least become one of the options they can choose from for the product or services categories you are offering.

There are certain strategies you need to consider for a successful brand awareness campaign:

1 - Educate your Customers

First things first, you need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask why would he/she choose our brand? What unique are we offering? What is our competitive advantage compared to other competitors in the market?

Asking these questions will help you to create a smart brand awareness campaign to educate the customer about your products and services and offer them reasons to choose your brand.

Educating your customers about your brand is a major key player when it comes to gaining their trust. You need to answer any question that might jump in their minds and tell as much information as you can about your products and services, to build the connection and get the recognition you’re seeking.

2 - Building Familiarity

Building familiarity with your customers will allow them to emotionally connect with your brand. They need to see you brand often, recognize your name when mentioned, and recommend you when asked.

Many channels like print media, online and social media can be used to deliver your messages, and it’s always better to choose more than one channel to guarantee you good reach.

Though channels and forms of messages are many and can vary according to your target audience, video campaigns are always a good choice. According to experts its the easiest yet the most effective way to connect to the customers, as moving images, voices & sounds will help your messages stick in their minds and will make it easier for them to recall your brand’s name.

3 - Time to tell a story

While regular marketing messages may not affect your customers much, letting your products tell a story that your audience can connect with is a real game changer, as people better recall the things which trigger their emotions.

Your story should deliver customers a value that your brand is promising, to meet their needs, and sometimes creating those needs.

As you tell your story you need to be very cautious, never promise what you can’t give, for example if you’re selling cheese, promise your consumers a wonderful taste but don’t mention miraculous or drastic changes in their lives after trying the first cheese pack ! You need to stay realistic and true.

4 - Choose a human:

People trust people who look like them, talk like them and speak for them. No matter what you need to tell, tell it through someone, choose a face they can connect to and a voice they can recall when they are craving for a sandwich or thinking of buying a coffee machine or opening a bank account or any other product or service your brand offers!

People are more likely to choose a brand with a familiar face than the one which doesn't have any human face associated with them.

You can choose any one whom you trust to present your company. He/ She can be a normal person, a celebrity or an influencer, as people tend to trust celebrities and familiar faces more.

5 - The power of Social Media:

No one can ignore how powerful social media is nowadays and how effective it can be with all its enormous and engagement power !

You need to create a content that people would love to see, react with, share and talk about in their circles. Choose a suitable tone of voice to deliver your messages. People tend to remember those who made them experience certain emotions, made them laugh, cry, shocked or amazed. Make them wonder and you will win them forever.

6 - Videos make miracles:

Videos not only make it easier for you to reach to your customers, but also increases your online presence, as videos have been proven to increase the conversion rate by 80%. In addition, social media users prefer sharing video content than the written one.

Studies have also proven that more than 82% of businesses use video marketing to reach to their customers easily and it plays a great role in increasing their sales.

No matter what product you’re selling or what kind of videos you planning to create, success ratios in case of videos are better when compared to other means as people are less likely to forget and more likely to recall what they see.

One very effective video type you can use are "Explainer videos" which inform users about your product/ service and how they can use it effectively.

7 - Measuring you success

After bringing your brand awareness campaign to life, you should be waiting for your customers’ feedbacks. Not all customers will react the same way, and their opinions will help you to improve your future campaigns and quality of your products or services.

There are certain metrics which can help you measure your success and on top of them are increase in website’s traffic, increase in App downloads, improvement in engagement metrics and etc.

It reflects that customers have started recognizing your brand and will consider it next time when they are going to do their purchase for the product or service which you offer.

You will also need tools to figure out how many people searched for your brand name, products and services like: Google Trends, Key Word Planner, Google Analytics, and etc.

You can also measure your brand awareness campaign’s success by directly asking people to evaluate your campaign or your products and services through surveys. Design surveys to ask most relevant questions pertaining to your brand.

You can conduct these surveys using phone calls, e-mails, social media posts, website and etc.

Social Media is a key player when it comes to knowing where you stand among your competitors. You should check how followers are reacting to your posts and what they are telling about your products and services.

Your customers can also assist you in strengthening you brand’s presence on social media as paid or unpaid reviews play a great role in gaining trust.

You will also need to check the likes, shares and comments on your social media content as this will reflect how successful or unsuccessful your brand was in reaching to the right target audience.

After measuring your success and knowing exactly where you stand in the market among other competitors, you need to improve consistently and keep your customers loyal to you. The easiest way to do that is by being consistent with them and by keeping a positive brand reputation and image.

How can Cinemagics help you build a positive and memorable brand image?

You need your customers to remember your story, but before that you need to decide what story to tell !

We at Cinemagics are professional story tellers and have helped many brands reach their customers and tell their stories. Our team will assure that your brand awareness campaign should reach the right audience when we start working together as partners who share the same goals and values.

In addition, we offer our clients a variety of attractive solutions based on their needs, besides allowing them to choose from different packages that suit their budgets.

No matter how fast consumer behavior changes and how confusing it becomes for the business owners, seeking professional guidance and support will help you get the best results.

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