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6 Fiery Reasons Why HBOs House Of The Dragon Came To Slay

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

The most awaited Game of Thrones prequel has landed on HBO; House Of The Dragon, and the viewers are in deep as episode 3 was released last Monday. The show has consistently kept everyone on edge on the first four episodes; we can't get enough of how this prequel can be bigger than Game of Thrones, as it could be the biggest series of 2022.

Some of you may have reservations about watching House Of The Dragon. Still, we are here to convince you otherwise and tell you that you are missing a historical moment.

It's Still Game Of Thrones But More!

Game of Thrones changed the game when it came to the fantasy genre. The quality of its production value makes you wonder if a real-world does exist. Game of Thrones became an essential piece of pop culture and the television industry. Everyone ended up watching the

Credits to HBO

show, whether live or through a streaming platform. With House Of The Dragon, you might think it will focus on the House Targaryen wholly. You will be intrigued by how other powerhouses in Westeros rose into power during King Visery's I (Paddy Considine) rule, the old houses that stood the test of time, and more. It's like walking back to the past and entering Westeros 157 years before Daenaerys' birth.

The origins of House Targaryen

We only knew a handful of Targaryens alive on Game of Thrones Aegon (Jon Snow), Maester Daemon, Viserys, and Daenerys. Daenerys ultimately gave a face to House Targaryen. She went through a lot before she got hold of Dragonstone and launched her army in Westeros.

Credits to Entertainment Weekly

Daenerys wanted to be different from her Father, the Mad King, and her brother Viserys. Throughout her journey, she became The Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons, the Breaker of Chains, and the Lady of Dragonstone. She fought hard to claim her title as the rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms. However, things did not end well with her, and we still crave more Targaryen history; House Of The Dragon did not fail to deliver. The prequel presented the power they hold, and with their dragons, they were the ultimate powerhouse in the realm.

Dragons, just a lot of dragons

We can't even imagine life after Game of Thrones ended; for fans and avid viewers, it was the end of an era that took the world by storm. We wondered if that was the end for Daenerys, The Mother of Dragons. Daenerys got us screaming Dracarys! Weeping for Viserion and Rhaegal's death and wondering if we will ever see Drogon again after he melted the Iron throne and flew into oblivion carrying Daenerys.

Credits to The Nerdist

We have seen those dragons from their magical birth and wept as the two met their demise. For House Of The Dragon, the showrunners made sure that we would see more dragons flying with their dragon riders in their glory days. It is estimated that there are 17 dragons on the show, which is already more than double the number, and as the show extends, we expect to see more.

Matt Smith is doing absolute justice to "Daemon Targaryen"

If you don't get the memes circulating about why Matt Smith has been jokingly hospitalized due to severe back pain for carrying episode 3, it's because he did bring episode 3 with such fire! This is a sign that you need to watch House Of The Dragon. Matt Smith is known for his portrayal in the biopic series The Crown, where he plays the young Prince Philip.

Matt Smith is perfect for the role of "Daemon Targaryen" as he embodies this very regal, out-of-this-world, and dragon-like aura, which is all we can imagine for a Targaryen. His character represents the duality of a man, as he exudes love for his brother King Viserys I but won't hesitate to kill for the crown. We can see how Daemon rises to the top, and everyone who stops him will meet their untimely demise.

Milly Alcock slaying her character as Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen.

Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, portrayed by Australian actress Milly Alcock slayed her character; she became an overnight sensation in the first episode, and viewers are rooting for her as the rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms. King Viserys I made it official after careful thought that Daemon, his brother, does not have the realm's best interest; Princess Rhaenyra now holds the burden with the crown. Milly Alcock shows moxie, which makes her one of the most powerful female leads at the beginning of the series.

She is constantly undermined by the people around her, but Milly Alcock plays Rhaenyra well with her ever no "f*c$" given look and will always stand my ground attitude; she gives us Princess with a strong-willed heart and how Targaryens embody fire and blood. You should see how cool she looks when she rides her dragon; it'll make you regret why you did not watch this sooner.

The Politicking Never Ends...

It's not a Game of Thrones prequel without the heavy politicking; we remember how Cersei Lannister (Lena Headly) delivered these lines that started the end for Eddard Stark when Cersei said "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground."

And from that moment, we kind of new how Sean Bean's character will most likely end. House Of The Dragon takes us back 157 years before Daenerys to show us how literally and figuratively the people around King Viserys I are cutthroat. As the series goes deeper into the conflicts, the King's every move either will lead to his ultimate demise or bring fire and blood to those who defy him. We applaud Paddy Considine's portrayal as he perfectly plays the character with such conviction that viewers find themselves on edge as the vultures await the King's downfall.

The hype is worth it!

As a certified couch potato, House Of The Dragon is worth the hype, and so are the viewers worldwide. The Game of Thrones prequel premiered last August 21, 2022; it has garnered 9.986 million viewers worldwide, according to Digital Spy.

"It was wonderful to see millions of Game of Thrones fans return with us to Westeros last night," - Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys HBO and HBO Max' s (Digital Spy via TV Line)

Viewers have a special connection to this prequel as we are all intrigued and constantly wondering how the House Targaryen reigned old Valyria and Westeros. Though we have known a fraction of how it ended for them, we still do not want to miss every gritting moment. Viewers have also started re-watching Game of Thrones to immerse themselves in House Of The Dragon. House Of The Dragon gives you the feeling of reminiscence and the excitement of looking forward to the past, which are the key elements to a successful prequel. As an avid viewer, it did not disappoint from its premiere to the latest episode. The story build-up just keeps you wanting more, and you will find yourself counting down to the next episode. House Of The Dragon airs every Sunday 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Looking for GOT & HOD fans!

What are your thoughts? To my co-House of The Dragon fans out there what do you think of the first 5 episodes are you excited to watch episode 6? And what about you who is still not convinced to watch House of the Dragons? We'd love to know your comments and share us your reactions! Log on to and leave us a comment.

Set your alarms, and block your calendars for the upcoming episodes, as House of The Dragon has come to slay!

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