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12 Key Components for Launching A Successful YouTube Channel

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Every YouTuber's dream is to have a successful, profitable channel that grows fast to put them on the road to fame. The good news is that no one is far from this dream; however, the time to achieve this dream may vary from one channel to another. Therefore I thought to share essential aspects of my experience growing YouTube channels to give fresh YouTubers the outline of their planning for their YouTube channels.

1.The power of content (Be a storyteller.)

Building effective content is one step away from you. Telling an engaging story about your topics will make your content interesting and your audience engaged. When viewers seek to learn something new or watch an exciting video, they want an organized story that keeps their minds engaged with a flow of knowledge.

2.Keep content mobile-friendly.

90% of your viewers will be watching videos from the comfort of their mobiles. Therefore it is essential to optimize videos to be viewed on mobiles.

3. Tailor the video to each social media platform.

Use the power of social media to redirect traffic to the YouTube channel and vice versa. Get benefits from every platform that lets people share or refer to videos. Here at Cinemagic our production team specializes delivering to multiple formats we are always up to date with the latest specs required by the latest platform to give you the best possible spotlight for your content and our team follows those specs to make sure that the content is delivered in the best way possible for the media.

4. Work on attractive titles.

The success of titles and thumbnails is halfway to the success of content. The discoverability of a video on YouTube will be decided by how unique the video title is besides the frequency of people looking for it on YouTube search engines, along with detailed keywords that describe the video to capture every single word a viewer might use to reach the video.

5. Create thumbnails that fire curiosity

The first look at the video from the outside is the thumbnail. Creative, exciting thumbnails will let viewers avoid missing your videos. Try to reduce unnecessary elements and emphasize elements that provoke curiosity.

6. Engage the viewer in the first few seconds.

Let your message be clear and engaging in the first few seconds, as this will decide if the viewer will continue to watch the video until the end or not. (Here you can see the data

7. Do not forget the CTAs.

While viewers are engaged, they are more likely to do what you ask for. Therefore it is vital to use relevant CTA's to let the audience perform actions that are interesting for them and beneficial for you such as subscribing to the channel, click the card above for more related content, watch this video to know more about etc…

8. Be informative.

The value of a particular video is in the information that the video includes. The higher the value, the more likely the YouTube algorithm will suggest the video to more viewers.

9. The power of keywords

Considering that search engines view content on YouTube as text, relevant and detailed keywords will raise the chances for a specific video to be easily recognized, suggested and discovered on YouTube. Use single and compound keywords for the majority of the content that's in the video. The more keywords, the better. Also, having a list of keywords that are trending at the same time when the video gets published will enhance the chances for this video to go viral. Try using keyword analytics tools such as Google Trends.

10. Avoid duplicated topics and focus on what is unique.

Let us use a real-world example to explain that. When opening a widely available business in a specific location, the chances for this business to succeed will be very low. However, your competition will be shallow if this business is unique. The same applies to your topics. Try finding unique topics that audiences are hungry for and cannot find much content about, which will be achieved when doing powerful research for the topics of content.

11. Using analytics for decision making

A detailed analytical tool is the most significant support when planning the following videos. Develop insights from the current video performance to help you improve and optimize your next video. Understand where the audiences are coming from.

  • What is their retention rate for your videos?

  • What topics might they be interested in?

  • Why did they not watch the total duration of the video?

All these questions and much more can be answered from the youtube analytics dashboard.

12. Consistency is the key

Being consistent when planning your calendar on YouTube will let YouTube respect you along with your viewers. Having a set time and date for publishing your videos will let YouTube algorithms work for you. Try not to miss the dates you fixed to publish your content.

Every obstacle, in our opinion at Cinemagic, opens the door to creative solutions and my transition into a YouTube professional began when my manager challenged me to increase one of the channels' subscriber count from 7,000 to 20,000 subscribers within a month. They didn't think it was impossible and just wanted me to complete the challenge because they thought I could, even though I informed them it was impossible, but they believed in me. The channel eventually topped 30,000 in the first month, which was the goal—to learn something new that will result in success. Since then, building a YouTube channel has become our favorite task as we successfully build channels for our clients.

Those are the key elements we always follow and those key elements should help you successfully launch your channel. Let us know how we can help you grow and optimize your channel, reach out to us and let's start growing your subscribers!


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For your channel to be successful, you need to create a plan for its development. First, decide what kind of content you will create, for example, I make training videos. Secondly, choose the right video recording and editing software. Personally, I use Screen Capture to record the screen, but you can use any other program convenient for you. Don’t forget about advertising for your channel, buy it from other YouTubers or news pages.


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