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ADOBE LIGHTROOM CC - Mobile Tips, Features & Tricks

Updated: May 9, 2023

‘Adobe’ a multinational company known for producing multimedia, creativity software and famous for Photoshop, did a huge favour to photographers and content creators by integrating its renowned software Lightroom CC to mobile devices. As a result photographers can now edit images on-the-go saving the hassle of carrying a bulky laptop and hard disks around!

Adobe Lightroom CC’s, focuses on photo-editing means you can turn a lifeless dull frame into a work of art as it includes a selection of tools which helps the user to enhance the frame captured in surreal ways.

A few highlights of the tool selection are;

The Healing Brush. One of the most important tool as it helps to remove any unwanted objects from the frame.

Fix and Adjust Perspective Although it's a paid feature, by paying a small fee a user can easily fix and adjust the perspective of your image with powerful guided and Geometry slider tools.

Tone Curve After the image has been framed exactly how a user wants it, my advise to editing would be adjusting the tone slider-curve. You can change the levels of your shadows, highlights and the mid-tones of the image. Do keep in mind not every image requires tweaking

Color Grading / Split Toning One of the best features that Lightroom CC brings to the table, in my opinion, is Color Grading / Split Toning. It provides the outlet to alter the color of both shadows and highlights which enables a user to choose a specific hue to create a distinctive mood for the subject.

Overall the application is packed with features which include the tools to adjust the light, effects, detail and optics. It also enables a user to create presets for future storage thus conserving all the settings applied to a specific image for future purposes.

The app also offers landscape orientation which makes it easier for the user to edit their images as there is a wider frame to work on.

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