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What you can self-learn during the self-quarantine period

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Tired of cooking? Tired of reading? Tired of sitting on your couch? Sometimes, binge-watching can get a little boring. And let's be honest, your back is probably starting to hurt from sitting down for way too long.

If you're interested in film-making and stuck at home, then this post is for you! Don't worry, we've got you covered. This post is going to provide you links to be able to learn as much as you can in the spare time that you have on your hands.

If you're interested in cinematography and/or direction, but lack resources during this period, you don't need to worry. You probably have a smartphone on you and trust us, that's more than enough to get you started on something.

Smartphones usually have just enough of what it takes to get started on videography. You might realize that you can do a lot more depending on what particular smartphone you're using. For the basics, however, we've got something.

Remember our blog post about making a movie with your smartphone? You can read it here.

Do you have siblings that are bored too? Or do you have little children that keep nagging about how bored they are because there isn't anything to do now that they can't even go play with their friends?

A fun activity that we would recommend to do with your family members (as they're probably just as bored as you are) would be learning or practicing how to act.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner and have no experience. It's probably a good time to start and if you're interested in becoming an actor. We've got something that would help you differentiate whether to act for stage or films. Read it here.

Have you ever been interested in writing? Are you a writer that hasn't been discovered yet? Writing is a beautiful talent and it's not everyone's piece of cake. Ever wondered how screenplays are written?

If you've always been interested in writing a screenplay, now is a perfect time. And if you're afraid that your screenplay would go to waste because of lack of funding, then you've got nothing to worry about. We can help you write a screenplay for a micro-budget film. Read our article about it here.

A few days before the quarantine began, I tried testing out a new software called ProTools by AVID. The software is generally used by sound designers, composers, and even home musicians. Since I have always been fond of learning and playing music, I began taking online tutorials. I thought that as a video editor, the sound design would be a skill that could come in handy during tricky situations. Luckily, the stay-at-home period has helped me brush my skills on the software and I've also learned how to play the keyboard. Turns out, it's never too late to learn a skill. Comment below and let us know what you'd be interested to learn or what you have learned so far during the quarantine.

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