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What is the most important tool in Adobe Illustrator in my opinion

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Adobe Illustrator is by far one of the top favourite vector graphics editors available to designers. Its history began in 1985 when Adobe Illustrator was developed and marketed by Adobe, initially designed for the Apple Macintosh systems only. Throughout its history, the developers improved the performance of the software and added more tools while making it more efficient and reliable. The tool that stands out as my top favourite from the Adobe Illustrator package, The Pen Tool.

While all other tools are pretty straight forward, for example, the text tool types text, the ellipse tool draws circles and elliptical shapes, the rectangle tool draws rectangles or squares, the Pen Tool can do anything literally. It is the basis of creativity and innovation on Adobe Illustrator and many other digital design platforms.

Understanding and mastering the Pen Tool takes time, patience and a lot of practice and it can make the difference between a professional designer and a beginner. It is the first choice tool a designer will first use in creating original logos, icons, typography, characters and any other type of original vector art.

Creating detailed artwork would not be possible without the use of the Pen Tool. As a young designer, I remember hating this tool but eventually realised that mastering it would help me become a better and faster designer, more efficient and more detail oriented.

To anyone that wants to learn how to design vector graphics or any other type of design, I highly recommend practising with this tool. After all, practice makes perfect!

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