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The Metaverse: Endless Possible Realities Imagination Is Your Limit

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

The metaverse now stands as the new hub for everybody, wherein the virtual spaces offers endless possibilities, although the metaverse is purely virtual reality - it offers endless realities which of course of not possible at all in our physical world.

The word impossible seems to be non-existent in virtual reality, the point of the metaverse is to reach beyond what we can do in the physical world. But a lot of us are quite unsure what the metaverse is. As Mark Zuckerberg said the best way to explain the metaverse is to experience it. As it's popularity increases, we cannot deny that it may soon be a part of our daily lives and how can this change the way we live and explore digital reality? Can we possibly create a perfect world wherein we can surpass and even ignore our limitations? Could this be the future?

Cinemagic HQ: Metaverse Lab

To answer your questions read on and discover why the metaverse can be a bottomless pit of digital reality more that your brain can handle.

What Exactly Is The Metaverse

First things first, let's define metaverse. I believe by now you have already Googled it however we can really digest it right away; you have probably asked yourself if is a game? Is it a platform for video calls? Alright, to answer your questions, the metaverse according to N96 "is a three dimensional, digital world. It reflects our reality but it also enables actions and interactions that would be impossible for us in the real world."

It is from the Greek word "meta" which means "across" or "beyond"; and indeed the metaverse expands and can go beyond any border that our limited physical world. This makes me wonder how everyone can enjoy the metaverse at first when my knowledge and vocabulary was only limited to just virtual reality.

Is Imagination Truly The Limit?

To fully understand how the metaverse work and how the future would look like, you need not go far or dig the internet deeper. I realized there is a movie that really explains how the metaverse works and it can really be for everybody. If you haven't watch this movie then and you really want to understand the metaverse, you can go ahead and type in whatever streaming platform you have: Ready Player One.

The movie is based on Ernest Cline's bestseller "Ready Player One" and Directed by Steven Spielberg. So essentially the film revolves in the far future wherein people find escape in to a full virtual universe called "Oasis". As you can imagine everyone in the real world has lost all hope and have been fully immersed in Oasis, basically 24/7.

Watching this movie made me a line from the main character caught my attention realized that the metaverse "People come to Oasis for all the things they can do, but they stay because of all the things they can be." and then that's it, that pretty much sums up metaverse to me. Imagine the things you can do and the ability to reinvent yourself, that's cool right?

Imagine the things that people do not usually do in the physical world and imagine doing that in the metaverse. Example, I for one are afraid of heights, the tallest platform I have ever been is 15 feet and I did not even bother to finish the obstacle. Imagine me inside the metaverse in a virtual space where you can do extreme skydiving, mountain climbing, and more. But the metaverse is not all about explore your boundaries.

Virtual reality alone can touch the very human part of us. I saw this video on YouTube from Global News that VR google "reunites" mother with her deceased daughter from a South Korean documentary. This almost sounds as a very strong click bait but it really did reunite them in a way we could have never imagined. Virtual reality has tapped and bended what we know about our physical reality, it has bridge the possibility of seeing the people we love that has passed on and has given us hope to see them one more time. The experience itself just by watching its heart wrenching what more if you experience this for yourself.

The Metaverse Is Still Relatively Young Yet Has Massive Potential

Metaverse is ushered as the next phase of the internet according to Microsoft, Meta (formerly Facebook) and more. However it is at its very young stage but we can already see it's potential.

Tech giants are confident the the current digital reality and the metaverse will be the next big thing since the internet and it can reimagine or actually change how we will. If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us is to fully understand the capacity of today's technology and how isolation somewhat gave a new meaning to connecting through virtual reality. Everything has become virtual since 2020 and since social gatherings have been limited prior to having COVID vaccinations, we had time to explore connecting virtually.

Even if the metaverse is still at its young stage but we are practically living in this kind spatial phenomenon. So much virtual meetings, platforms, and all of the virtual stuff for the past two years makes me realize that we are really heading to that direction. The pandemic did not only change our perspective to virtual reality but it handed us the key to the metaverse.

It's not like the movies yet, but this could be our future

Imagining our future in virtual spaces, socializing without leaving your doorstep, and being able to do the impossible in the metaverse seems dreamy and surreal. It may not look like how it is in the movies but looking at how tech giants like Meta build the metaverse it's simply ambitious and the future is already taking a peak. We are yet to discover more how virtual reality grows and how the metaverse will look like 5 more years from now but I can now really grasp the idea, the experience that it brings that makes you want entertain all the possibilities and imagine what you can do in the metaverse. We are now in an era of pushing boundaries, and era of exploring the impossible, and era of materializing a metaverse universe.

Kuwait 2035 Vision

Be part of the future that we have envisioned for Kuwait in partnership with the Kuwaiti Government to visualize the Kuwait 2035 Vision. To know more about this project log on to we would love to know your thoughts and share to us your vision for Kuwait in the metaverse.

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