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Our Digital Advertising Team is Google Certified!

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

You've probably heard about many ad servers on the market, and about all the free or paid solutions. Of those choices, we will concentrate on the product that we can attest to being the most beneficial of all of them, the Google ad server (DFP).

Double Click for Publishers a.k.a DFP, now renamed to Google Ads Manager is a product developed by Google, which helps business owners or entrepreneurs to monetize their websites or applications through advertisements. Ad servers have an essential part to play in earning from display ads. It is the backbone of the ad serving process which includes reporting on results.

As a publisher, you need an ad server that provides maximum control and flexibility (both direct and remnant inventory). It needs to be easy to use, should carry no delays in the delivery of advertisements. - Mohammed Hussnain, Advertising Development Officer, Cinemagic
Mohammed Hussnain, DFP Training, Cinemagic

To acquire a google ads manager account, a website/app owner needs minimum traffic of 1-3 Million users. The lowest quota set by Google. Google Ads Manager helps a web/app owner to manage their inventory. Inventory is the ad space available on a website/app. The ads can also be advertised by Google Adsense, which is powered by Google. Google Adsense helps connect the demand side to the supply side in the world of advertisement.

To be able to operate Google Ads Manager, there is a particular certification course provided by Google, which helps in creating credibility for the website/app owner. It certifies that a person knows their way around the ecosystem of the Ads Manager as its a very vast product and requires specialization to navigate the system.

  • To fully utilize and understand the potential of Google Ads Manager.

  • The control that it provides the user over their ad space.

  • It ensures that a user does not miss out any opportunity to increase their revenue and fully utilize their ad space.

  • It also makes sure that a user has no unfilled or remnant inventory or back-fill left.

It is essential to acquire the certification as it helps the user to understand and optimize their website to its full potential fully. - Shreyas Guptha, Digital Marketing Executive, Cinemagic

By connecting additional sources to increase the demand and fulfill the supply required by the advertisers. Google has developed a product called Ad Exchange, which is a pool of advertisers bidding in real-time to display their ad on a particular ad space (website.)

This helps in increasing revenue. Acquiring the certificate was an enthralling experience as it was a rigorous process of 24 hours. It helped us utilize our inventory to the max.

It is ensuring that no ad impression is going to waste. It helped us implement the system properly. Without acquiring the certification, a user does not fully realize the power of Google Ads Manager as there are pieces of information which one only understand during the training.

Cinemagic's digital & interactive team can help you with:

  1. Customized campaigns to meet your advertising goals to assure ROI.

  2. Selection of the best digital platforms that will suit your KPIs and objectives.

  3. Guidance in the process of creating ads to ensure an attractive ad that will increase the chances of the ad's viewability and audience recall.

  4. Flexible budgets with campaign cost optimization to get the best out of your campaigns.

The DFP ad server is excellent, and typically a good match for nearly all pages. Our online Digital Media Advertising solutions will give you the edge by reaching the right audience for your campaign. If you are interested in efficiently managing your ad inventory through the DFP, contact us here.

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