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Kuwait Vision 2035

Updated: May 9, 2023

Today I take you on a journey to witness how the behind the scenes of 'Kuwait 2035' were brought to life.

The task of the director was to realise the idea of 2035. This he did, right from the opening scenes of the video as we are cleverly welcomed into the history and the future of Kuwait through the sand, sea and the warming hues of golden sunshine. We are given an insight into the future from the perusal of a historical map, which creates a sense of time, what is now, how it was and what is to come.

A conscientious effort was made into showing how Kuwait will make its transition. A camera shot focuses on a close up of a man's face then pans out to show the back of him walking, a connotation of leaving the past behind. As a foreboding, CGI is used to show how from a drop of water a plant can grow, and a city can flourish.

The video shows how hard grafting and craftsmanship will be used to create the architectural vision of interiors form futuristic trains, lavish museums and, in keeping with tradition, souks. Thus conveying that whilst the future is ahead, the culture of Kuwait will remain.

In fact, craft/workmanship and inteligence is evident throughout the creation. As witnessed by a green screen which is seen being built to accommodate the movement of the cast throughout some of the visualised futuristic architecture, technologies and buildings of the future.

Capturing moments of the family was clearly important to the director as we see how he focuses on the close relationship between parent and young child. Further focus on family, the child and their place in the future is seen with a shot of a youngster running in a museum and another in the park, both looking forward and skyward to Kuwait's future.

An array of boats, helicopters, beautiful sets, cameramen, cast and crew bring to life the director's vision for Kuwait 2035

It’s now your turn to take a look at the behind scene footage and explore the director's' vision. What impact does it have on you?


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