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Kuwait celebrates National and Liberation Day

25th and 26th February are nostalgic days for Kuwait as the 25th honors Kuwait National Day, when Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah ascended to the throne in 1950 and the 26th February celebrates Liberation Day when Kuwait was liberated from Iraqi occupation in 1991.

Both days are a time of togetherness as it brings families together to reflect on the past, reminisces their loss and to proclaim victory. It’s a time of celebration for everyone.

The preparations for the annual celebrations begin at the latter end of January where you can see the hoisting of decorations reminiscent of flowers in bloom and an array of colorful lights depicted in red, white and green reminding us of the solidarity of Kuwait.

Both National and Liberation Day make February the busiest month of the year as the day's celebrations engulf the whole of Kuwait. Indeed many companies choose this time to screen commercials that commemorate the two-day events. The shooting of commercials usually begins at an early stage and sometimes run into months.

Cinemagic has worked with companies such as Zain and Asnan Clinic, to produce their Liberation Day commercials. Regardless of the company, all commercials have the same theme of lightheartedness, family, friends, fun, cheer, and remembrance.

Even when we see scenes of Kuwaiti nationals abroad walking in the snow, rain, and gloom we are reminded that the weather will not dampen their spirits.

Take a look for yourself and enjoy.

Asnan Tower National Day 2017

Zain National Day 2015

Zain National Day 2017

Qualitynet 2011

Happy National and Liberation Day from Cinemagic

Article by Yvonne Drummond and Mohammed Hussnain

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