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High Angle Shots: Creative Examples of Camera Placements

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

The way you frame your actors or subjects conveys your message to the audience. Send the wrong one, and the audience goes packing.

Today we’re going to go over high angle shots and how it’ll help you add subtext to your shot selection and variety to your shot list.

A high-angle shot is a technique where the camera looks down on the character or subject from an elevated perspective.

Uses: High angle shots can make the character appear vulnerable, powerless, and weak.

Why use a high angle shot?

As mentioned in the high angle shot definition, high angle shots in film are used to make a character feel vulnerable or minuscule compared to the world around them. You can show someone who has no power in this situation and conveys insignificance.

Lighting and cinematography drastically affect the mood presented by the high angle. 

High angle shot examples

Let's start with Dobby in the Harry Potter series. We almost always frame Dobby with a high angle shot in dim light. Not only are we trying to show the size of the house elf, but we’re also trying to define how the world looks at and treats the house elf. High angle shots can also convey various themes. Like what if your entire film series is about how much power a ring has over a hobbit?

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