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Cinemagic Participates in the 15th Annual AUK Career Fair

Updated: May 9, 2023

On the 16 of May 2019, the Cinemagic team set up its custom-built booth ready for the American University of Kuwait (AUK) career fair. The booth, fitted out with a digital screen showing montages of the companies videos and productions, conveyed the diversity of the Cinemagic team, our vast capabilities and the variety of roles in the company.

The AUK president Dr. Rawda Awwad inaugurated the fair with a speech focusing on the skill set of the AUK students, and the importance of them meeting face to face with potential employers. The address was followed by presentations to AUK alumni and a ceremonial opening of curtains which displayed the annual events logo.

Dr. Rawda and the students were attracted by Cinemagic's display and our variety of job positions available. They expressed their amazement at the range of roles and the creativity that Cinemagic had. Dr. Rawda while at the booth presented our representatives with an award (for Active Participation) and expressed the need for companies such as Cinemagic which allowed for the communication of creativity.

Indeed, we at Cinemagic, believe in empowering the youth. Hence, by reaching out to graduates, training and preparing them for roles in the industry; we ensure that, ‘the graduates of today will be our successes of tomorrow’, we embrace and nurture their talent.

Cinemagicians were able to assist the students surrounding the booth who asked many questions about the career paths and prospects in the industry showing interest in what we had to offer in terms of internship and employment. They were able to ascertain knowledge about our production house, services and rentals,  cinematography, our commercials, short films, film fund, rooftop cinema and our sister groups Kuwait Flight Academy (KFA) and Gym37.

Due to the diligence and hard work of the team, the event was a success with lots of potential graduates signing up to join Cinemagic. Article by:

Yvonne Drummond & Nehan Sarfaraz

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