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5 titles to binge watch on telly during the lock-down

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Have you been scrolling through a list of movies or shows and been unable to make up your mind? You're staying at home and you need a distraction... and we get it! To make this a lot easier, here's a list of what we highly recommend you to watch.

After the End

This 2016 series is situation friendly as hell! The storyline revolves around how the youth of Kuwait have been dying suddenly due to a strange phenomenon. With the constant fear of losing their loved ones, officials have to race against time to find the cause of the disease and be able to stop it from becoming a devastating disaster. The drama/thriller series feels somehow relatable and is a must-watch for anyone looking to binge-watch a situation friendly series.

Are you a workaholic? Are you the kind of person that gets irritated by staying at home without going to work? Does the self-quarantine period suddenly make you miss the office a lot more? Do you miss the office? If all of this is true, then, the next title on our list will cheer you up (quite literally)!

Taqdeer Al Ehteyaj

This sitcom is based on the dailies taking place at a public sector office, where we discover the atmosphere and internal workings of the sector. This sitcom has all the different kinds of characters that you would generally find at your workplace.

Know that girl who's obsessed with make-up? That guy who loves food? The gossip lover of the office? And the one person who's always nice?

In Taqdeer Al Ehteyaj, we see how all these characters interact with each other and the world around them according to every situation or problem they face; making this show a great recommendation for anyone who's missing the office!

Are you the kind of person that finds it hard to concentrate on things that are not dramatic? If you enjoy watching drama, the next suggestion is especially for you.


A drama series based on the life of a woman who does not feel secure in father and stepmother's house any longer. She comes across a man who finally makes her feel important and gives her the love she has been yearning for. What she doesn't know - is that he's using her to take advantage of her job to take the money of a dying man.

The series has plot twists and its energy will suck you into its storyline - which is hard to escape from.

But what if it's been a long time since you've reconnected with your family and your loved ones? You're spending the self-quarantine time to relive old memories? Or maybe you're just cranky because you're locked in your house and you're running out of things to do. In this case, as well, we've got you covered!

Khalti Qomasha

Khalti Qomasha is a series about a strict old woman who's trying to make sure that her children stay out of trouble.

Her main aim is to make sure that she knows exactly what's going on in her children's lives. To do so, she uses cameras and recording devices around the house to spy on them.

Things take a turn when her son Sultan gets married to Mahbooba; a woman with a personality that clashes with Khalti Qomasha.

The series will never fail to put a smile on your face and at times, can have you rolling on the floor laughing.

On the contrary, if you'd like to binge on something much more serious and thrilling, hopefully, our next title shall live up to your expectations.

Efraj Mashroot (Conditional Release)

Efraj Mashroot is a socio-political series that discusses different cases that occurred in the Gulf region and the entire Arab world.

The story goes back and forth from the elections in Kuwait until the time of 25th January during the revolution in Egypt, and how these events interconnect.

Additional: A personal favorite that I can never get enough of because I grew up watching old Bollywood movies that were filled with romance; I would recommend, to lovesick souls, the Kuwaiti series that took the Arab world by storm during the Ramadan in 2019.

Dairufa (The Swing)

Dairufa a.k.a The Swing is a series based in older Kuwait, way before the Iraqi invasion. The series brings to life true Kuwaiti culture with the use of set design. Every shot is a masterpiece (and I mean it). The story focuses on different events in society but mainly on a love story between a woman and man of two completely, and in that time, an unacceptable difference of social stature.

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