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5 Details You Really Need to Learn About the COVID19 Social Media Outbreak

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

The world is witnessing a global pandemic, known as COVID-19, for the first time in the age of social media. Today, it is undeniably the focus of most social media site conversations in the MENA region. Paying attention to what is being said about the spreading virus is important to be able to determine what is needed at this stage.

We tracked and analyzed over 10 million events around the MENA region on different social media channels to analyze the situation on social media. Observing the coronavirus took social media conversations by storm within two weeks.

We unfolded answers to the 5 main questions about the social network epidemic, extracted from our results. Within this article, you can find tips that will help you play a constructive role in reducing the fear level in the community.

1 - Where are most of the information coming from?

Egypt has become one of the most active social media countries on the topic of coronavirus. When it comes to interaction, however, the UAE led the top 3 social networking operation rankings with a 52% contribution followed by Palestine at 48% and Egypt at 46%.

2 - When did the virus propagate virally on social media?

Social networking activity reached the greatest height since the World Health Organisation's declaration that coronavirus is a globally growing pandemic. Governments have begun to enforce controls, impose lockdowns and urge residents to take security measures at all rates. Citizens began to look at the news and social media to get a clearer view of what's happening and how to remain healthy.

3 - Which social media platform did the COVID19 discussion dominate?

Based on the region's tracking era, Facebook is known as the leading site with an engagement rate of 77 percent; accompanied by 12 percent of online news posts and blogs. Other social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube were comparatively less successful.

4 - Top 3 pages for capturing COVID information

The news sites are probably the most common for both Facebook and Twitter. People use social networking as a way to search for useful knowledge that is trustworthy. They are looking for official sites and attempting to weed out any sites which may contribute to false news. For other firms out there, this is a measure of what position they should perform throughout the epidemic.

5 - What were the top social media keywords used?

And how do you leverage social media to play a constructive role?

  • Keeping an important position is essential in moments like this, and it is also important to take the minimum benefit of the epidemic. Below are a few guidelines for material that companies should rely on:

  • Be open to creating trust in your social media accounts.

  • Aid distribution, from reliable outlets, tips, and advice. Updates on Coronavirus preventive strategies and comments by official health agencies regarding the virus are two of the most common subjects in discussions by MENA users on Corona.

  • Reach the audience through the platforms in question. Facebook is the number one site by miles. So your best chance to meet as many MENA users as you can is via Facebook; that will be where your updates are. Yet keeping in mind the audience's importance.

  • Assure the customers that their health and well-being is the goal, clarify the quality consistency and selection of resources, as long as it conforms to safety standards.


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