Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We harness the power of AI

We implement Artificial intelligence on every front. AI helps us make the right decisions. Want to learn more about our AI solutions?

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Launch & Monetize your own VOD solution with our state of the art technology

(iOS, Android, Web & Apple TV) 


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Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

Effective & Efficient Digital Media Booking (We maximize your ROI)

Our online Digital Media Advertising solutions will give you the edge by reaching the right audience for your campaign. The transparency in reporting and optimizing will ensure that the campaign runs efficiently.
We plan with your business objectives in mind, coupled with the implementation that communicates messages and achieves results – not just blind ad bookings!
Multi-channel, integrated campaigns that use the most advanced targeting and retreating techniques, and all the latest tools & platforms.
We have a team & the resources that are proficient across platforms. To optimize your campaigns for maximum ad performance:
We provide measurable results.
We provide transparent and easy-to-comprehend reports.
We maintain consistent communication throughout the run-time of the campaign. ​

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Why work with our team?

  1. Customized campaigns to meet your advertising goals to assure ROI.

  2. Selection of the best digital platforms that will suit your KPIs and objectives.

  3. Guidance in the process of creating ads to ensure an attractive ad that will increase the chances of the ad's viewability and audience recall.

  4. Flexible budgets with campaign cost optimization to get the best out of your campaigns.

Our Services

Drive Actions
App Install
Increase Website Traffic
Lead Generation
PPC - Pay Per Click
Brand and Product Consideration
Build Awareness and Ad Recall
Engagement Campaigns
Video Views
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Online Advertising Platforms

Online Advertising Platforms

  • Youtube Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Mahatat-Logo-Square
  • Snapchat Advertising
  • Face book Advertising
  • Google ads Advertising

VR Solutions

Oculus & Vive

“We believe in the future of VR, and we always use the bleeding edge of technology.”

We use the proven best VR hardware in our solutions (Oculus & HTC Vive) 


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Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 11.52.15

Case study 

Kuwait 2035 , Olive Wyman

A Tour of The Future

It was one of the most challenging projects we got, to simulate multiple cities in real-time , to travel from one to the other and live the future” 


We extensively used virtual reality for this project to visualize the masterplan and enable the audience to peek into how the city would look and feel like in the future.


The use of VR helped the government to market the project and attract investors by assisting the visualization of concepts and delivering an impactful experience.


Cinemagic is a leading company in the field of content productions and digital media services. Serves the Middle East and North Africa region MENA. We empower companies globally to tell a better story through moving pictures.

We can help you promote your vision, idea, or product through innovative technologies that we harness. 


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